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 And he’s just getting started.
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My Priorities

Fully Funding Education

Just this year, David's work helped increase opportunity for all our children by dramatically increasing state funding for our schools. The color of your skin and where you live should not dictate whether or not you have access to high-quality schools.

Lowering Taxes

Taxes are too high on working families. David believes that the legislature made the wrong choice by raising property taxes on working families and instead should make the rich pay their fair share.

Protecting Victims of Crime

David passed legislation that fines felons who download child pornography and re-invests that money into apprehending sex offenders who exploit children. He passed a law that protects victims of crime from being harassed by lawsuits from prison. He also passed a law that clears criminal records of those who were wrongfully convicted so they can resume their lives and find work.

Supporting Open Government

David supports open government. He was one of a handful of lawmakers who stood strong to hold state government accountable to taxpayers. He voted against legislation that would have exempted state lawmakers from public disclosure.